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Ok, so you wanna come party with us? We highly suggest you read this first:


If you like creeping, lurking, or putting your hands places they’re not invited, you will not be invited back, ever again.

If you enjoy starting or participating in fights, verbal or physical, you’ll receive a very warm introduction to our security staff and reintroduction to the outside of Laundry.

We play hip hop and rap. If you don’t like either of these music genres, you will not like Laundry.

We want all of our patrons to have a good time. If any of the aforementioned statements make you feel like you potentially won’t have a good time, you can immediately better your chances, by not coming at all.

Cut your losses and go somewhere else. Fitzroy’s a big place. Explore, enjoy.

For everyone else, we welcome you, we love you, we got you. We’re an inclusive venue. Racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic or transphobic behavior or attitudes will not be tolerated. Please see our staff or security if someone is making you uncomfortable.

Catch you in the club.

Laundry is an 18+ venue

The Laundry Fam.

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